As a part of our growth, we focus on constantly improving our brand value and simultaneously sharing our knowledge with our potential partners and customers. Events such as the following, contribute to the same.


We conduct regular free and paid webinars, either through the GMI Think Tank or as a part of our knowledge sharing sessions with the Great Managers League.

Panel Discussions

We have initiated panel discussions in the form of panel-styled webinars, but plan to take this offline and conduct discussions as a run-up to some of our major events.


The Great People Manager Awards is a culmination of the Great People Manager Study.

Certification Induction Sessions

These are one-day orientation workshops conducted by Great Manager Institute before initiating the process of certification in companies (and for individuals). This is optional for the process of certification in general.

Book Our Leaders

Our leaders, facilitators and great managers (either connected directly to us or through our partners) may be available for a specific session in your organization, around any of the trends or thoughts that we promote.


We offer sponsors a chance to power our Great People Manager Study and Awards, as well as sponsor some other subsidiary properties associated with the same.

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