About Us


About Us

Great Manager Institute™ is a global lifetime digital coach and profiler for people managers, aimed at redefining people management, using the power of strong brand value, technology in the form of data analytics and communities.

We take pride in our People Manager Certification Portal, the world’s first such portal that uses global benchmarks to certify managers in a way that has a very strong value among recruiters, corporates and all stakeholders.

We also take pride in being the executor of India’s largest study on people managers, in association with Forbes India. Our biggest pride is in our ability to personalize learning and engagement for any people manager by creating their profile using the strongest tools of credibility.

Organizations can connect with us for our Study and our Certification Programs. Individual Managers can connect with us for our Certification Programs and Communities.


Our Vision
& Mission

Our vision is to create a world where every individual gets an opportunity to work with Great People Managers. Our mission is to enable individuals to be Great People Managers who deliver sustained results by building trusting relationships.


Our Team

We take pride in our team. From decades of experience in People Management and HR to passionate fresh graduates, here are the faces and forces behind Great Manager Institute- includes our core team, advisors and Directors.

Prasenjit Bhattacharya

Prasenjit’s core expertise lies in HR and People Management. Being a very well-known HR expert globally, he has spoken about People Management and Workplace Culture at conferences, events, and even Parliaments.

Dalreen Patrao

Dalreen’s core expertise lies in People Management Consultancy. She was instrumental in redefining the concept of People Management in one of the largest IT companies in the world.

Anantadeb Bandyopadhyay

Anantadeb is the team’s Content and Framework Expert. He is currently associated in a consulting role, as after having spent 40+ years in the domain of HR, he does not prefer to be bound to one company alone. He is ultimately the anchor that controls the greatness of our frameworks.

Dr. Vishwanath Joshi

Vishwanath is a PhD in People Management. He is the lead mentor in guiding managers to become great.

Ashwin Srivastava

Ashwin has built and invested in companies in the domain of education, data-based deep technology, human resources and other technologies. He brings the experience of building successful multinational companies to the table.

Ashish Deora

Ashish is a B.Sc.I.T. graduate from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. He believes that he understands technology and data, and has just started his journey to discover the truth.

Rashmi Mutt

Rashmi is a 22-year old storyteller who builds our brand stories. She is also an author, singer and ace conversationalist.

Garima Verma

Garima is a weirdly intelligent introvert leading the most extroverted role at our company: Client Engagement.

Kranti Gajula

Kranti is a Computer and Information Science Engineer and doesn’t believe in DC or Marvel, as he is a diehard fan of South Indian Film Stars. When focused, he writes beautiful poetry in the form of PHP and Javascript source code.

Rohan Bontra

Rohan is a 21-year old Graphic Designer and Animator as well as sports fanatic. He believes that he is a Master of all and Jack of none.

Aman Singh

Aman is a fourth-year civil engineering student who is passionate about Tech. He describes himself to be ‘not a great programmer, but a good programmer with great habits.’

Hamza Shaikh

Hamza is a young third-year engineering student & a passionate developer, with a great appetite for knowledge. Even though he is not very experienced, he can surely get the job done.

Pranjal Kesharwani

Pranjal is a tech-enthusiast who loves to experiment with data, as well as an ambivert and lover of sports.

Rishabh Srivastava

Rishabh is a 22-year-old tech-enthusiast, gamer and graphic designer who loves to watch movies and TV series. 

Sukumar Kisku

Sukumar is a MEAN Stack Developer with broad skills from the front-end to the back-end. He enjoys each aspect of life and loves building sites from start to finish.


Our Credibility

Our Pedigree: We are a Sister Concern of Great Place Research and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Our Team: A young team of aspiring people from some of the best colleges in India led by Ashwin Srivastava

Our Advisors: Decades of experience in People Management and Employee Engagement, which makes our Advisory board one of the strongest in the country.


Our Partners

Forbes: We have partnered with Forbes India for the Great People Manager Study and the Great Managers League.

Great Place to Work: We are a sister concern of Great Place to Work India, and hence closely associated with Great Place to Work Inc. through our parent entity Great Place Research and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

PushStart, Aasaanjobs, Karma Management: We work with a number of community partners towards the common goal of redefining People Management.


Our Copyrights

Connect, Develop, Inspire© Framework: Our framework of Connect, Develop, Inspire © , as defined here, is copyrighted.

Logo and other relevant Trademarks: Our brand and logos are trademarked. Usage of the phrase “Great People Manager” needs to be used with the Trademark symbol in India, reflecting our ownership of the property.


Our Successes

Customers: We have customers/users (pilot, paid or free) from across 6 continents and primarily focused in India at the moment.

Data: We have access to hundreds of millions of data points that help us in our growth.

Associations: We are associated with top HR professionals and CXOs of various organizations in varying capacities, primarily through our Great People Manager Study. We are also associated with a number of global brands.

Appreciation: We have received formal/informal appreciation and advice from figures such as Ram Charan, Suri K and Josh Bersin, among others. The Government of India has recognized us as a start-up, providing us with digital resources.