Here you can see some of our selected coverage in media. We have been extensively covered by Forbes India, our associate in the Great People Manager Study.

Our founders and leadership team have been prominently covered in the media for their successes over the years.

Disruptors from the Internet & Software industry

If there is one term that is commonly repeated with reference to technology, it would be “Disruption”. It all began with the Kodak moment and gradually ... Read More

Winning the retail game with people management

Retailers are our everyday heroes. Be it solving a customer’s fashion dilemmas, settling their grocery worries or handling emergency repairs – they are the real on-ground ... Read More

Managing Talent in Media & Entertainment Industry

“Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters and rebels” David Ogilvy  Aren’t you amazed as to how much wisdom one can freely ... Read More

Six infrastructure & real estate companies that are tackling the stalling economy through people management

Taken at the face value, reports suggest that India is facing a slowdown. Despite a slowing economy, few companies have managed to accelerate growth and empower ... Read More