As an HR leader, CXO or senior manager of your organization, you can nominate any number of managers from any number of teams to participate in the Great Manager Certification Program. You can start with a pilot of 2 managers as well.

Here are the steps for a company to undergo the Certification Program for its managers:

  • Offline Orientation Session: This helps in context setting from the organization’s perspective, and introduces the concept of Connect, Develop and Inspire to the attending managers. It can be conducted on your premises or our premises, for any number of managers. This is optional.
  • Manager Profiling: All managers’ profiles are created through a set of processes applied by us. If your company has already participated in the Great People Manager Study, the process of profiling becomes easier, as we utilize some data from there.
  • Learning and Development through Courses, Tests and Action Planning: The entire learning process is personalized and experiential in nature.
  • Certification & Engagement: Managers passing the required thresholds as per contextualized benchmarks are certified and can remain engaged with our platform.
  • The representative of the company is provided with a platform to monitor the progress of its managers.
  • The Special Package includes Mentor Support, who provides support for up to 2 hours per month, throughout the period of 1 year, to the manager. The support is there even after Certification, to ensure continuity of learning. 

For more details, please go through this detailed presentation.


Up to 300 Managers INR 8000 or USD 115
Per manager per year
INR 17000 or USD 240
Per manager per year
301 – 500 Managers INR 6000 or USD 85
Per manager per year
INR 15000 or USD 215
Per manager per year
500+ Managers Discuss directly with us Discuss directly with us

HIGH TOUCH: Please discuss directly with us.


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