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GMI valued at 5.5 million USD (Q2 End 2018)

Great Manager Institute (GMI), a lifetime digital coach and profiler for people managers headquartered in Mumbai, has been recently valued at an amount of about INR ... Read More

Leadership is different from Management. Learn how!

A leader is generally someone whose vision and goals are aligned with those of his followers. People respect and are inspired by him to allow themselves ... Read More

Top three things that should be in Not-To-Do of every manager.

The article was originally written by our team member Ashish Deora based on empirical evidence of manager practices globally. When an employee joins a new company ... Read More

An introduction to the concept of Connect, Develop, Inspire and its importance in becoming a great people manager

How can you become a great people manager? Is there a single framework that can answer this question for any geography or any level of manager? ... Read More